Knack Technopack manufacturer Bottom Block Valve bag known as Ad*star Bags patented worldwide by Starlinger & Co. This bag is made of coated or BOPP film laminated polypropylene fabric without adhesives. The sack can be produced either as valve or open mouth block bottom sack in a one or two layer design having Flexo printing or with multicolor gravure printing. It surpasses all comparable products as far as resistance to breakage is concerned, is versatile and also eco-friendly and economical.


Block bottom bags have all features of Paper bags, PE film bags & Stitched Polywoven bags in a single bag.

Shape Block bottom – Brick shape
Material Coated woven PP fabric
Tap Width 2.5 mm – 5 mm
Fabric Weight 50 GSM – 80 GSM
Coating Weight 17 GSM – 25 GSM
Width 300 mm – 600 mm
Length 430 mm – 910 mm
Bottom Width 80 mm – 180 mm
Color As per customer requirement
Type Valve or Open mouth
Printing Flexographic or Rotogravure Printing
Valve Material PP Fabric
Attachment of Patches Sealing process with hot air & pressure
Air Permeability As per customer requirement

Higher Strength


Strength of the Block Bottom Sack is its most important feature. Block Bottom Sacks are strongest sacks as compared to other industrial sacks. Polypropylene woven fabric using stretched tapes makes Block Bottom Sacks resistant to dropping, pressing and bending. Block Bottom Sacks resist small nails and hooks giving them an edge over other industrial sacks. Worldwide cement, fertilizers and other industries have observed a zero breakage rate, doing all stages, the filling, the storage, the loading and the transportation.

Maximum protection


Block Bottom Sacks keep your goods intact till they are delivered to the customer. All this is achieved by using high strength Woven Polypropylene fabric coated with layer of lamination.

Reduce Space through Higher Stacking

Due to perfect rectangular shape, Block Bottom Sacks can be stacked high using space efficiently. Due to high strength it can be used in both manual & automatic loaders. Block Bottom sack fits perfectly with palletizing or truck loading equipment whether manual or fully automatic, as it is the same size as other sacks made from different materials. Filled sacks require a minimum of storage space, and their high strength allows for high stacking.

Easy Transportation


Due to perfect rectangular shape, Block Bottom sacks fits perfectly with palletizing or directly in truck. So its transportation become very easy.

No Spillage

No-SpillageBlock Bottom Sacks are perforated with star micro perforation system which allows air to come out holding the cement or other material without allowing any seepage. The cement doesn’t even come out of bags during transportation or at the time of loading/unloading.

More Market Value through more printing surface


Block Bottom bags takes a box type shape after filling thus offers more printing surfaces on the bag through Top & Bottom Flat which can be read from sides when the bags are stacked. This increases visibility for the customers and adds to the brand image and better market value.

Resists water & humidity

High humidity and rough handling is easily tolerated by Block Bottom Sacks. So they arrive without any broken sacks at customer warehouse, resulting in utmost customer satisfaction. The sack keeps its full strength in all moisture conditions – even when lying on damp ground or exposed to rain and high humidity. In some applications where required the sack is produced with micro perforations to give it the necessary air permeability.

Manual Or Auto Filling – 
Sack Placing & Filling


Block Bottom Sacks are designed for use with both manual and automatic placing and filling machines. The characteristics of the sack can be engineered to special specifications if required. The valve can also be produced to be suitable for an automatic valve sealing process after filling.

Environment Friendly


Block Bottom Sacks are Fully Recyclable, it can either be reused as sacks or recycled to make other products or used as fuel in cement plant. It has welded ends and no toxic glue is ever used. It has high strength, result in less breakage or less spillage, hence avoiding any pollution. Block Bottom Sacks are required in low weight compare to other bags, so we can save raw material.

Save Product and Money

Block Bottom Bags have low failure rate and breakage. This is an important economic factor and a big environmental benefit.

Building Material: Cement, Gypsum, Lime, Other Building Materials
Food Products: Flour, Sugar, Salt, Poppy-seed, Yeast, etc.
Chemical industry: Fertilisers, herbicides, packaging of polyolefin pellets, hazardous materials, powders, etc.
Agriculture: Cereals (Corn, Rice), seeds, feed, fodder, etc.


Block Bottom Bags with Top Valve

Block Bottom Bags are manufactured with Top Valve with self-closure, which helps fast and easy filling. We had high-end machinery to provide accurate Valves at top.

Block Bottom Bags with Open Mouth

We also have facility to provide Block Bottom Bags with open mouth, which can be used for non-automated plants.

Multicolor OPP printed Block Bottom Bags

We also have facility to provide Block Bottom Bags with rotogravure printing which gives superfine bright printing, Enhanced visibility, attractive look to the product, innovative & attractive finishing that influences buying motivation of the Customer and also repeated use.

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